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All programs are pre-approved for Strategic-Business recertifcation credits by HRCI and SHRM.

Speaking Topics


Why traditional management techniques are counter-productive in the modern workplace.

This program is based on the progressive human capital strategies outlined in the new book authored by Sara Christiansen.  A book signing  can be arranged with this session.  


Our traditional ideas about leadership and talent management are becoming less and less effective at driving success in the modern workplace. Our organizations are changing at an incredibly rapid pace and in order to lead change we must change how we lead.


If HR hopes to be embraced as strategic business partner, we must step forward and start leading the leaders in our organizations.


This program will present progressive methods in which you can assist your management team to become true coaches. We will discuss innovative techniques to drive high levels of engagement and accountability in your organization. All of which will lend to an improved work culture and increased business results.   


Navigating the journey from traditional to strategic HR

This session explores the distinctions that differentiate Strategic HR:


​IMPACT:  Strategic HR Leaders  analyze data to predict and measure outcomes. We quantify the human capital ROI and our impact on business metrics.


INFLUENCE:  Strategic HR leaders are adept at developing key relationships with all stakeholders. Along with an expertise that awards credibility, these relationships ensure our acceptance as an integral member of the organizational planning and leadership team.


INSPIRATION: Strategic HR leaders are the ambassadors of organizational culture. We study neuroscience and apply psychological methodologies to ensure a work environment that fosters employee engagement and personal accountability.


INTEGRATION:  Strategic HR leaders truly understand the business drivers and collaborate with our non-HR colleagues to deliver practical human capital solutions that are highly valued throughout the organization.


INNOVATION:  Strategic HR Leaders challenge convention, look to the future and manage change. We utilize technology, social science principles, validated research findings and changing market trends to deliver proactive HR strategies.

Value-Added HR

Maximizing the return on your human capital investments

When company leaders are considering large capital purchases - like a new enterprise system, or upgraded equipment, or a facility expansion, or research and development of a new product line, or mergers and acquisitions - they are wise to spend a considerable amount of time and effort determining the financial return on this investment. This method is commonly referred to as calculating the ROI.


So what is the ROI on your organization’s biggest investment, your employees?  If you do not know, you are not alone. Companies are constantly stating, “Our employees are our greatest asset”, but what does this mean?


HR has historically focused almost exclusively on administrative and risk mitigation activities. However, over time we were tasked with becoming strategic business partners and we became involved with training, performance management, compensation planning and other organizationally focused strategies.


However, many of us fail to ask ourselves about the value we are adding to the bottom line. We need to quantify the value of our currency; our time and efforts. If we want to add value we need to spend our currency in activities proven to move the ball down the filed.


During this session we will discuss the changing distinctions that differentiate top talent and performance.  We will introduce ways in which HR can add value by focusing on delivering talent development solutions that are proven to drive true business outcomes.

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Driving results through employee engagement and personal accountability.

This session is designed to help supervisors and managers become more effective performance coaches.

We will discuss a practical approach designed to foster improved performance through the promotion of:









HR You Ready?

Beyond traditional to transformational

We often hear that HR needs to better understand the business drivers to be valuable strategic business partners. This program will proactively explore the factors that highly impact our companies, industries, and workforce.

We will discuss progressive human capital ideology that enable us to evolve our focus beyond compliance to value-add, beyond procedures to analytics, beyond convention to innovation, and beyond function to talent.


Performance Management 180

Evidence-based strategies to drive true performance improvement in your organization.

When I talk with leaders and HR professionals, I often ask them how they define good performance in their organizations. All too often I hear tales about perfect attendance, or policy adherence, or folks that quietly do their work and don’t cause any trouble. Is this a winning strategy?


When they discuss performance management I often hear of bell curves, ratings calibration, 360 feedback and other tools that have been proven to have little if any positive impact on performance.

Most of our revered people practices utilize practices that date back to the early 1900's. If we are to become true strategic partners, HR must innovate and embrace new technologies to motivate, train and evaluate employees.

This session will introduce evidence-based strategies to re-engineer your performance management system so you can actually achieve improved performance.